Louise Rodio

Louise is a special education teacher and she and her husband also cater events. When not busy teaching or catering, she loves working at Kennedy Cellars. Her talent to create and prepare memorable food and her love of wine are a perfect mix!

What sparked your interest in winemaking?
I love wine, so it was easy to be become interested in winemaking. Every time I taste a wine made by our amazing students, it sparks my interest even more.  I feel truly blessed to be part of the Kennedy Cellars team.

Tell us about your favorite winemaking memory?
Whenever I’m at Kennedy Cellars, it’s a memorable experience. I love working with the team of hardworking, dedicated winemakers who are truly passionate about their craft.

If you had to choose one favorite varietal, which one would it be?
I can’t just pick one! My top three favorites are Cabernet Sauvignon, Old Vine Zinfandel and Petite Sirah.