Thanksgiving Wine Guide

Finding the perfect wine to serve for Thanksgiving can be quite a challenge. With an array of competing flavors – roast turkey, tart, fresh cranberries, marshmallow covered sweet potatoes, spicy sausage stuffing, just to mention a few – you need a few tried and true wine selections to perfectly fit your diverse dinner menu and the individual tastes of family and friends. If you’re a guest, you’ll want to choose a wine that can be served with a mixture of flavors, as a Thanksgiving menu can often include some unexpected food selections. Don’t fall into the misnomer that white wine is the only choice if turkey is the main fare. A lighter red wine pairs perfectly with the heartiness of a Thanksgiving meal. To help with your wine selection, below are a few of our favorite holiday varietals that will surely make your gathering a success. On behalf of everyone at The School of Wine, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, uncork some great wine and enjoy the most elaborate meal of the year!

White Wines

Searing acidity and zippy freshness with lemons, limes, petrol and flint make this super food friendly for all involved. It’s perfectly suited to pairing with a variety of dishes including cream dishes often found in abundance on the Thanksgiving table.

Sauvignon Blanc
With elegance and balance, flavors from grapes grown in California and South Africa show tart gooseberry, citrus, herbs, and hay with a touch of flint. This pairs wells with the wide range of flavors you can expect on any Thanksgiving table.

One of Holly’s favorites! This semi-aromatic grape has tropical notes of pineapple, mango and melon and is an excellent pairing with roast turkey.

Red Wines

Fresh fruit and low tannins make this varietal a refreshing partner to the abundance of flavors on the table. Look for Cru Beaujolais for elegance and Beaujolais Nouveau for a fruitier (and fun) style!

Pinot Noir
This grape can produce such a wide range of aromas and flavors from light, elegant, refined and floral to dark, juicy, candy-like flavors. It pairs well with turkey and all the sides.

Soft black fruits, a bouquet of purple flowers and a hint of crushed herbs make this wine juicy and sensual. Old Vine Zinfandel has a more concentrated fruit profile due to the age of the vine and therefore smaller quantity of grapes per vine. Enjoy this wine with all the delicious fare this holiday!

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