Nick DiBlasio

Cellar Master

Nick has a long history with Kennedy Cellars, both as a team member and making his own wine. He considers the team at Kennedy Cellars part of his family and truly values the friendships that he has developed over the years with all students, both beginner and expert. It gives him a great sense of pride to make wine the best that it can be and then share it with family and friends.

What sparked your interest in winemaking?
Being of Italian descent, my family always made wine at home. When I graduated from college, my father, uncle and cousins wanted to rekindle the long-standing winemaking tradition in my family, so we started making wine at Gino Pinto School of Wine. That’s when I met Jack Kennedy and the rest is history.  My passion for winemaking has only grown over the years and has truly become a labor of love.

Tell us about your favorite winemaking memory?
I can remember the very first year that I made wine with my father. The joy that my father exuded each and every time we got together to make wine is unforgettable. Each bottle I open, I toast my father’s memory.

If you had to choose one favorite varietal, which one would it be?
Montepulciano is absolutely my favorite!