Frequently Asked Questions


Due to current zoning and Pineland restrictions, we are only permitted to host eight persons with an average of four people per class. To maximize your class experience, we ask that you arrive promptly at your scheduled time to ensure no overlap with the preceding group.

Tank shares are wines that we offer in larger quantities (typically 1,000 liters) and divide into approximately 20 separate shares. Each share typically equates to a 1/4 barrel, which is 5 cases or 60 bottles. Depending on the varietal, wines that are offered in our tank shares program can be red or white and either barrel aged or stainless steel aged. Students who want to join a tank share will be invited to all of the winemaking steps to participate and learn about the process.

On a limited basis, we have the opportunity to offer limited production shares of particular barrels. When these limited production offers become available, we will inform all students and provide the opportunity to learn about the winemaking process and contribute to the production of the wine barrel.

Many types of varietals benefit from additional aging beyond the standard nine to ten month season. We refer to wines with additional age as Reserve Wines. Some of the varietals that we recommend for reserve include Nebbiolo, Brunello, single varietal Cabernet Sauvignon and single varietal Merlot. The cost to make your wine a reserve is $250.00 per season for wine in an owned barrel and $345.00 per season for wine in a rented barrel.

Yes! You are welcome to bring food to our crushing, pressing and bottling classes.

We ask that you defer eating until after the work portion of the class has been completed. Following the class, you are welcome to enjoy your food and wine for the remainder of your scheduled class time.

Every person purchasing grapes or making wine and carrying bottled wine off premises must have a valid ABC permit. The ABC permit legally allows participants to become students of our school and make wine in the state of New Jersey.

The ABC permit is valid for one year and costs $15.00. You can complete and purchase your permit form at our wine school. All fees go directly to the state of New Jersey.

If you have any questions, please contact Ronnie by calling 609-941-2000 or emailing [email protected].