Red Wine Varietals

The School of Wine at Kennedy Cellars’ red wine varietals are sourced from the finest quality grapes around the world. With the help of our expert sommelier and winemakers, we’ll not only help you make high quality white wine, we’ll make sure the experience is fun and easy. First, you’ll select your grapes from the menu below, then contact us to set up your crushing date.

All prices are based on 200 liters of wine (approximately 20 cases), with the exception of Limited Barrel Shares. The cost to rent a barrel is $150 or you can purchase your own barrel. Purchased barrels are $450 and include personalization with your last name. Reserve fees are $250 for rented barrels and $100 for purchased barrels. The cost to rent a tank for white wines is $100.00.

Also, every person purchasing grapes or making wine and carrying bottled wine off premises must have a valid ABC permit. The ABC permit is valid for one year and costs $15.00.

California Wines

Varietals offered and prices are based on availability and Fair Market pricing. Both are subject to change.